2020 Deluxe GamePlay:

When it comes to number, most people think of brain teaser games which require you to think hard and use your logic capabilities. However, there is one game also related to the number but you may find it more interesting than challenging. The game that Friv games for free wantbs to mention here is 2020 Deluxe - one of the best puzzle game ever. This game tests your logic capability and sees what the highest score that you can get. It features a 10x10 board filled with blocks with the different numbers.

Your mission here is to combine blocks of the same number together that are adjacent to each other to create their sum. And the goal of the game is to combine to 10. If you reach that goal in this game, then you are the winner. However, it’s not easy. You shouldn’t combine the same number randomly but think carefully every step because if you do without thinking, you will be out of move soon. That also means the game is over. The more blocks of the same number you combine, the more score and coins you earn.

With these coins, you can purchase some special items which help you a lot such as clear all cells, reduce a number, and shuffle the field. Besides, everytime you enter the game, you will get a free gift containing one of these items. Let’s play with your friends to find out who has more score and who completes the task in the shortest time first. Hope you have a great time at here! Challenge yourself with various games at http://friv3play.net/, such as 10x10 Arabian nights.


Use the mouse to play.

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