Army Commando GamePlay:

As a mercenary, you will do whatever to get money. They usually hire you to kill their enemies. As long as you get money, you can plunge into danger to finish missions. In Army Commando - one of the most attractive shooting games at http://friv3play.net/, 15 different levels are waiting for you to conquer. Each requires you to complete for a certain mission to unlock the new one. These missions vary such as take down 3 targets, eliminate the nearby terrorist, kill silently frontier terrorist, fight through the pain and so on.

With each success, you earn money. The amount of money increase as you level up. You can use your money to buy new weapons such as MP5, Shotgun, M4 Rifle, AK 47 Rifle, Sniper Rifle and more. Each mission has its own difficulty level. Sometimes, you don’t need to cover, just come close to them and shoot them directly. However, if you are surrounded by too many enemies, you should move to a safe zone and shoot down each of them each time on friv 3 play. Or throw grenades to blow them away. To kill your enemies quickly, you are better to aim to their head.

With a headshot, they go to hell immediately while you save your bullets. When shooting at other body parts, you have to spend a lot of bullets. Become the hero and kill enemies for the peace of the world as well as for money. This game suits for those who love action and thrilling experience. If you want to find more games similar to this one, you should try out Knife Smash and Words Story

How to play: WASD/arrows to move, mouse to aim, left mouse button to shoot and space to jump.

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