Around The World Darts GamePlay:

Darts or Around The World is a popular game which is normally played in a pub or club and many other places. This game is a great choice to kill a bit of time when you're waiting for a beer or your friends in these places. However, if you’re too lazy to go out but want to enjoy this game, you can try Around The World Darts - a great online game which brings you the same experience as the real one. This friv Games for boys has a simple rule. All you need to do is to throw the darts to the bull.

However, easy to play but hard to master is what you need to know. Your aim and also the others aim is to hit all numbers on the board in order from 1 to 16, plus the bullseye. The numbers that you have to hit will be highlighted, so it is easier for you to recognize. The numbers must be hit in order, after three throws, the players change. Who has the highest score in this addictive free friv Games game is the winner. In Around The World Darts, you will compete against the computer.

After you finish 3 throws, it is computer turn with http://friv3play.net/. Try your best to determine the distance. Flexible move the throws from left to right and reverse to aim and have a perfect throw. Hope that you have a great time with it. If you want to play more games related to this one, you can enjoy Dunk Shot Online !

How to play:

Aim and throw by using your mouse.

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