Barbie With Little Wolfhound GamePlay:

Each princess has her own fairytale or her unique love story. Another princess has just found the love of her life in Friv games for girls. Just like the other stories, this story has its own charms and twists. One day, Barbie is walking on the street, suddenly she finds an injured little wolfhound. She takes it back home to help it with the injury and the wound. After she cured it, the dog turns into a handsome boy who is no other than the famous prince Jack Frost!

She falls in love with him quickly and she decides to marry him. You will help our princess on this journey. The games provides you with all the necessary equipment and tools to take care of the wolf. First, let's start by treating its injuries. You need to carefully remove all of the spikes which poke into its skins. The process might be painful for the wolf, so make sure that you do it as gentle as possible.

Then, dab the cotton ball on the bleeding spots to stop the bleedings, and don't forget to apply the medicine and the lotion to finish the task. Now that the wedding day is coming soon, you will also be responsible for choosing the best dress for Barbie and doing her makeup for this big day. You can play more games such as Disney Princesses New Hairstyle in the collection for kids in http://friv3play.net/. Maybe you will also find the love of your life!


Use the mouse to play this games