Battle for the Galaxy GamePlay:

Battle for the Galaxy is an awesome real-time MMO strategy game. As a commander, you build the base, create an army, attack enemies to expand your territory and dominate the world.  There are many different kinds of building that you have to build. Headquarters is the heart of your base. Its important grants you access to the new buildings. And you must protect at all cost. At Friv3 online games, if the enemies destroy your HQ, you lose. Starport is necessary for troops transport.  As you process, more buildings are unlocked.  

In this MMORTS game, the strategy is really important.  You both defend your base as well as attack other players base. Deploying the troops you build to attack enemy bases and destroy every building, after that you can steal their resources to upgrade your building, technologies, army and more. Your troops also vary in style. Each of them has their own abilities and attacking style. During the battle, you must deploy your troops wisely to get the best result. Plan unique battle strategies with countless combinations of troops to win over your enemies.

Basically, you build many buildings with different functions, gather resources, create a mighty army, upgrade everything to enhance their strength and defeat your enemies on http://friv3play.net/. You will face many strong opponents later on.  You may fail but don’t worry. You can beat them after upgrading more. This game is a great choice for those who love to use strategy and logic to win. It’s not suitable for lazy players. You must spend your time and effort to build your empire and become the best commander in the world. If you think this game is not challenging enough, then let’s test your fighting skills in Shellshock Live 2 and Dead Zone Sniper.

How to play: Use your mousing to play this game.

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