Bob The Robber 4: Russia GamePlay:

Bob the Robber 4 is a new season of awesome series - Bob the Robber. Bob has robbed successfully in many cities around the world. He moved to the new place and started a new mission. This time, he has landed in Russia and his new adventure begins. Are you willing to be his partner at Friv games for kids? Your mission here is to help Bob sneak in the buildings safely and steal a variety of money, treasure, and precious items, then escape without being caught.

This mission is really hard because every room in the building is closely guarded by high technology and strong bodyguards. It’s not easy. You may feel confused at the beginning because you don’t know where to go, which ways to navigate and how to go upstairs and downstairs. However, it all depends on your ingenuity and strategy. You just sneak pass every single room and take everything.

Avoid guards, hide cameras, find the key and password to unlock every door and open every lock, seek and get valuable things. To make your mission easier, this Friv games unblocked provides various gadgets. You can use the money that you have stolen to buy these items such as the instant photo is used to deactivate the cameras, some high-tech gadgets to help defeat the guards quicker or powerful key to unlock every door.

The gameplay of Bob The Robber 4 is challenging, so you must think carefully to finish the mission in the shortest time. Conquer Russia and collect huge properties. Enjoy more amazing games at http://friv3play.net/. Some great choices for you are Bob The Robber 2 and Bob The Robber 3. Have fun!


Use arrow keys to move.

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