Brawl Poo GamePlay:

Hey Poo, let's go to war? Win the battle in the arenas and buy yourself new clothes, don't forget the clothes can make you look more attractive. let's fight and win. Collect the gold as you earn, get the bonus and get the skin you want! Every victory will carry you forward poo you have to win the battles.

You definitely can’t wait to play this game several times because there are so many things to discover here. And you can’t explore them all with just a single play. Don't hesitate to play as many times as you want, then move to the new options as interesting as this one such as The Bulb Girlfriend at friv 3 games. Good luck!

Controlling key:

*Click and drop to play

*Pull it in the opposite direction you want to fly.

*Shoot arrows in the direction you shoot!

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