Break The Cup GamePlay:

Break The Cup is one of the best puzzle games test your creativity and problem-solving skills. 20 levels with 20 puzzles and 20 different solutions are waiting for you. Are you confident enough to solve all of them with 3 stars? Let’s start. All levels are locked, except level 1. This is where you start. The difficulty increases as you level at friv3 puzzle games. You can finish some first levels easily with 3 stars but in other levels, it doesn’t remain easy at all.

You must think carefully after taking action. In each level, you have only 5 balls to make the cups break. However, the number of the cup in every level is different while the number of balls is still 5. Therefore, you shouldn’t drop the ball randomly. Observe carefully and choose a strategical position to drop the ball in order to make the cup fall down. The more the ball is used, the lower the number of stars you get.

Let’s try and find the best way to just use only one ball to break one cup. You are allowed to play a level several times to find the most suitable solution to break the cup, so be yourself. On http://friv3play.net/, you have to finish the current level to unlock the next one. Remember that one of the most important tips in this game is to think of where you should drop the ball. Good luck and have fun! Do you want to train your brain more with other choices of games? Well, there are many options available here. Check out Gold Diggers Adventure and Icegirl Fireboy Forest Energy.

Controls: Use your mouse to drop the ball.

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