Color Tunnel GamePlay:

Do you love the secret tunnel in Color Tunnel game online and you will overcome all the challenges of this game with the highest score? Check out this exciting game at our free website today. You will be set up the available running speed and your task is to avoid the obstacles on the way. Red doors with different shapes will move in the tunnel. If you collide with them, the game will end with the distance you have run.

What is the farthest distance you have completed in this game without colliding with the doors? You feel dizzy when joining Color Tunnel game at Friv 3. Surely these are challenges that you cannot ignore in this fun game. The further away you are, the more you will become the final winner of the game. When participating in this game, players feel like they are entering the real world 3D. The different colors do not make you dizzy or impede your ability. 

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Left and right arrow keys to move in the tunnel.

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