Deadly Race GamePlay:

Play Deadly Race game for free : Drive your car in a deadly road of heavy traffic on Friv 3 player games 2017. During your driving, try to catch Turbo Boost bonus which speeds up your car and protect your car from others

Play as the protagonist of the film, compete against the rest of runners to reach the goal in this official game, just one more VICTORY with 3 Friv games ! The most breakthrough action and cars game you've ever seen! Designed for authentic drivers with a desire to shoot

Choose the most fiercest vehicles and the most powerful weapons that will protect you as you fight the men who have been imprisoned in this race with shots. In a race on Friv games 3 where the only rules are kill or be killed, are you willing to do whatever it takes? Drive powerful cars, shoot big guns, play with realistic graphics and spectacular blasts !

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Game Controls : Mouse

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