Deadwalk .io GamePlay:

Test your shooting and survival skills in one of the best third-person multiplayer IO online shooter games at Friv 3 Online called Deadwalk.io. This is an epic arena where you and other players compete for each other for the title of the last man standing. Besides other players, you also have to face hordes of zombies. They are blood-thirsting and cruel they appear suddenly to hunt you down. Watch out every direction to defense in time.

On http://friv3play.net/, scavenging or defeating other players as well as zombies for loot is the goal of every player. Your final goal is to survive as long as possible. With a basic knife on the hands, you use them to attack your opponents. You can pick up other weapons in the map such as shotgun, sniffer and so on. When you get harm, let’s look for health kits to recover your health.

Each match last for a limited time. At the end of each match, the player has the highest score is the winner. You earn score by killing other players and zombies. Move around the map, hide if you face a stronger opponent, cover yourself to avoid the attacks from your enemies. Lock the targets and shoot them down as fast as you can before they defeat you. You must learn to combine between defense and attack to save your life and kill enemies.

The game has so much fun that you can discover more when playing. Find more entertaining moments in other choices of games such as Black Hole .io .

How to play:

Move by using Arrows or WASD, aim and shoot by using your mouse, roll by pressing Shift, switch to other weapons by pressing 1-5.

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