DEF island! GamePlay:

Wave after wave of enemies wants to occupy your island. They send ships and aircraft to destroy everything. You have to deal with them both in the air and in the water. You won’t let them dominate your land, right? Let’s stop them at all cost. You have a powerful cannon to defeat them. You use the circle to aim at the ships and shoot the cannon and touch within the dotted area to shoot the aircraft.

In the beginning, they come scattered, but gradually they come like a flood at friv3 free games. This means the difficulty increases significantly over time. You have to adjust the angle and the strength of the shot to destroy them. Shooting at the right time is the most important factor to win over your opponents. You have only 10 lives. If the plane flies to your safe zone, you lose a life. If enemy ships reach the shore, you lose a life. And if you hit the mountain, you also lose a life. So, plan a wisely strategy and aim and shoot accurately to stop them.

On http://friv3play.net/, you don’t want to waste any seconds because they drop bombs to destroy you. Predict their position and send them a bomb at the time they appear on the screen. Don’t let them have time to approach you and occupy your territory. How long can you survive? Test your shooting and survival skills in this game and other games such as ShellShock Live 2 and Strike Force Heroes 2. They will amaze you with their attractive gameplay. Have a great time!

Instructions: Control your cannon by using your mouse.

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