Happy Superman GamePlay:

If you are a fan of racing games, I suggest that you shouldn’t miss any chance to play Happy Superman – one of the most interesting racing games around the world at fivv. In this game, you will control a car carefully and wisely to overcome all opponents on the track. This task is easy for you? I think that you will have to overcome many difficulties to conquer this wonderful racing game. A series of obstacles await you in front.

What happens if you collide with them? You will die and the game is over. Keep your mind to drive the car carefully, avoid hitting obstacles and get the highest score in the game with Friv games. In particular, you must focus your efforts and take every opportunity to win three gold stars in each level. One useful trick for you is that try your best to collect all the gold coins, gold hearts and fruits on the way to increase your power and prolong your life. Try it now!

What are you waiting for with Happy Superman? This is a wonderful chance for you to express your talent and racing skill on the race track. Besides, if you love this game genre at http://friv3play.net/, don’t forget to explore more with some similar games such as Heroes of Myths


To control your car, you have to use A-D or the left arrow and the right arrow to move in the game.