Hoppy Rushy GamePlay:

How many floors can you climb with your feet? 5 or 7? Nowadays, you don’t need to climb with your feet. Just step into the elevator and press a number. It will take you to any floor at will. However, a man in Hoppy Rushy doesn’t use this method. He likes to hop. Do you want to join him? This is a simple, exciting but challenging game requires you to conquer as many floors as possible by hopping.

At friv free games, just taping or click, your character will hop to the top of the buildings. However, it doesn’t seem to be easy because only some floors have been completed and the upper floors are under construction. When you don’t tap or click, this man runs continuously from left to right and right to left of that floor. So with the unfinished floors, he will run out and fall. In the unfinished floors, you will see some workers working. Use them as the wall to prevent your character to fall down.

On http://friv3play.net/, the timing of the jump is crucial and a wrong hop could make your character fall down. So make a jump at the right time. Besides, along the way, you also need to collect coins. Coins are used to buy new characters. Try hard to unlock and discover all characters in the game. You must act fastly and know how to use these workers to hop to the higher floor. Let’s see how good are you at hooping. Enjoy more games available for free such as Popeye Adventures and Coin Rush

Controls: Hop by tapping or clicking.

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