Jelly Merger GamePlay:

Merge, bounce and earn money, it’s an endless process that you experience in Jelly Merger - an interesting puzzle game at http://friv3play.net. Your objective here is to merge 2 of the same kind jelly to create the new one. It sounds pretty easy but actually challenging. Why? Because you have to creatively place your jelly in the strategy spot on the board to bounce the rocket and earn profit. You can see a Cannon placed at the top of the screen. It continuously shoots the bullets.

You need to use your jelly blocks to get the bullets to earn money. The more upgraded jelly has a much higher value. And as you process on Friv Online games, the cost of jelly increases significantly, so you must make more money over time. Play smart and manage your jelly blocks wisely to maximize your earnings. The key to beat this awesome game is to place the jelly blocks in the right position to make the bullets hit them more times. This is the challenging part. Let’s discover the new shapes of jelly here.

You never know what kinds of shapes are created when you merge 2 jellies. It’s fun and challenging at the same time. However, you gradually catch up with the gameplay and master the game quickly. If you are looking for a puzzle game both simple and challenging, this choice is worth a try. Let’s see how much money you can earn from delicious jellies. Have a great time. Enjoy!

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How to play:

Merge jellies by using your mouse.

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