Knife Master GamePlay:

To become a ninja, you have to practise to improve your knife throwing skills and defeat your enemies. Knife Master is a perfect practise room that you need. At here, you must take advantage of all skills to hit every target. Your target at Friv for school is a round board. Sometimes, it stands still while sometimes, it moves from side to side. Your knife is moving all the time.

Here, you have to define the right time to throw your knife to the target. This game is really challenging. The round board has a red center point called the bullseye. If you hit your knife at there, you will get a combo. If you throw the knife hit the spot repeatedly in succession, you will get extra combos. You will get a crown when hitting the bullseye. These crown as the currency in the game are used to buy new knives and board in the shop. Each knife and board has a different price. So, you must save your money for a while to buy them. 

At the beginning, you may find it quite hard to master, but practise makes perfect. So, you will gradually get a higher and higher score in Knife Master. You should remember that if you miss, you have to start the game from the beginning. If you’re looking for more interesting games which are both entertaining and challenging, you should visit http://friv3play.net/ and try these following options Crazy Birds. They won’t let you down!

How to play:

Left click to throw knife.

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