Knights Diamond GamePlay:

Knights Diamond at Friv 3 free games is one of the most attractive adventure for everyone, especially adventure lovers. Here, you will act as a hero and fight your way through waves of enemies in mysterious labyrinths. Each level is a special and important task for you. So, you need to take every opportunity to attack enemies and find a way out in each level as soon as possible. As you know, these are mysterious labyrinths with a series of deadly obstacles and traps.

In particular, enemies will appear everywhere with a large number. Your main task is to destroy all enemies before they attack you in battle. Also, you have another important task for you. At all costs, you must collect all the gold coins and diamonds along the way. They will help you improve and increase your strength in the game

Note that, precious diamonds and food will be hidden in boxes, so you have to break them and collect them before they disappear on the screen. The exit door will appear at the end of the path, so try your best to complete each case as soon as possible. One more thing, after you kill the enemies, don’t forget to collect gold coins to upgrade your strength in the game. Are you ready to rewrite a new record of this game? Fight! Besides, I will suggest to you some other interesting fighting games such as Robbers In Town on http://friv3play.net/!


The players can use arrow keys to move, jump and space to kill the enemies.

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