LazerGrrl GamePlay:

LazerGrrl is a strategic action game which is playable free Games friv. In this game, you will battle against another player in a retro style battle of wits and quick reactions. You will need to move your character around the 2D map and try and defeat your opponent by laying traps and setting up laser turrets. Balance building and destroying to get the upper hand in the fight. 


You can choose to play against other players online or play against the bot and practice your skills beforehand. Play and develop your own playstyle which will help you become the ultimate LazerGrrl. Have a wonderful!


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One player controls

WASD or arrow keys to move

Space bar or Enter to do an action

Two players controls

To move, players 1 use WASD and player 2 use arrow keys

To do an action, player 1 use space bar and player 2 use Enter

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