Make5 Hexa GamePlay:

Have you ever played a game that both gives you entertaining time and helps you improve your intelligence and math ability? Do you think that such kind of game exists? The answer is yes. Now, friv for kids introduces you a game that you can enjoy and learn at the same time called Make5 Hexa. It’s a really enjoyable puzzle game about the number. A hexagonal board with 19 small hexagons is displayed in front of you.

Each time, the game features a randomly small hexagon at the bottom. Your mission at here is to place the given small hexagons on the board in order to merge 3 or more hexagonal blocks with the same number and color next to other to make a new value and get the score. For example, you place 3 blocks with a value of 1, you will get a new block with the value of 2. Then, gradually you group blocks to create blocks with a maximum value of 5, then these blocks will explode, removing all blocks around them. Here, you can also rotate the blocks before placing them on the board.

There’s no rush, so you can take your time to make each move. Think carefully to find the best way to place each block. The game is over when you find no blank pace to place any blocks. Play Make5 Hexa now and see what your highest score is. Don’t forget to visit http://friv3play.net/ and explore more fun games at here, such as 11x11 Bloxx.


Use your mouse to drag and drop the blocks.

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