Merge Plane GamePlay:

Merge Plane is a fun-addicting combination between clicker game and merging game brings you a lot of fun. It’s an endless loop of merging planes and sending them off to help make more money. Then, you use this money to buy more planes. That’s it. Simple but fun and challenging, you will have a lot of works here. In this Friv 3 play games, your ultimate goal is to become a plane tycoon.

In the beginning, you just have 4 slots to park your planes and 2 basic planes. You merge 2 planes at the same type together in order to create a bigger and more expensive one that gives you more money. After merging, you send it to the runway, then it will run endlessly to make you money. You use this money to buy more planes. This process is endless. Over time, planes will become more and more expensive which give you more and more many. You must apply a wise investing strategy to increase profit and keep your parking slots and planes, otherwise, you will face trouble.

The game offers various planes, even the rare ones for you to collect. You can send more than 1 plane off to boost your income. They run automatically, so you don’t need to care much about them except for bringing them back to the parking slots. When you get the better plane, don’t forget to put it on the runway to earn money. This is one of the key points in this game. How rich you are? Enjoy! Enter http://friv3play.net/ and discover more new choices of games such as Merge Babies and Rrings.

How to play: Merging planes by using your mouse.

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