Mope.io GamePlay:

Mope.io is another in a long list of addicting, multiplayer .io games in which you will start with a little mouse, then you eat, grow and transform into other animals. There are some rules that you should keep in your mind in order to survive. Play now at Friv 3 school.

Firstly, eat as much as possible to quickly transform. Secondly, the bigger you are, the higher your possibility of survival is. Thirdly, eat food and players outlined light green and avoid the players outlined red because they will eat you. You can find the new games on http://friv3play.net/

Fourthly, keep drinking water to use speed boosts and other rules that you have to figure out while playing. Let’s see how you can survive in the battle of life and death! Check out other related games including MyFrog.io, the hottest games today on Friv3play.net . Play with millions of players around the world and share them with your friends!

Controls: Use your mouse to play this game and press W key to use the ability and swim.