Neon 2048 GamePlay:

Neon 2048 is Ultra Casual Game. One Of addictive kind. 2048 game with neon style. Very fun addictive puzzle game.

The goal is to get a single tile to be 2048. Get two of the same numbers next to each other and add them together using your arrow keys.Use the arrow keys to move your tiles in one direction or another. Take a break every now and then for food and water.

Pick a corner - The goal is to make one tile 2048. The easiest way to do that is to pick a corner and focus on making that corner tile your highest number tile. Most people pick the bottom right corner, but you could pick whichever corner feels good to you. Once you’ve picked a corner, two directions will always keep your number in that corner, and the other two are risky to press without thinking. Don’t let your biggest number leave that corner unless you have no other choice!

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