Nick Block Party 3 GamePlay:

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a dynamic and colorful party? Maybe, no one. Let’s enjoy the party time in one of the best friv puzzle games called Nick Block Party 3 with various fun characters. Before starting the game, you can choose your favorite characters among 5 available ones including SpongeBob, Babe, Kenzie, Lincoln, Kid Danger. And you also choose the mode to play first among Goo lagoon, Game Shakers, Loud House, and Danger HQ. After that, let’s start challenging your opponents.

There are 4 players in a match. Each player has a turn to roll the dice and step by step based on the number you have after rolling the dice. Each space has its own color. Each presents a special thing. Purple spaces allow you to take faster routes for a price. Or you can have a unique gift. For example, Fiery Fist O’Pain - Knock back opposing player if they pass you, Mermaid Man’s Shrink Ray - For one turn, lower everyone else’s roll by one, Anti Sparky Attack Cage - Place a trap on the space behind you. Stops the next player that lands on that space.

On http://friv3play.net/, after every one roll the dice in a round. You will enter a random mini-game to gain some extra steps based on the rank of each player. Your ultimate goal here is to be the first one who reaches the first line. You may have a bad start, but you can change the tide at the end of the game. Win or lose in this game is up to your luck and other players’ luck as well. Have fun! More puzzles are available on our site. You won’t want to miss these following options for sure: 10x10 Arabian nights and Unblock The Ball.

Controls: Use your mouse to roll the dice and play mini-games.

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