Princess Anna Hair Salon GamePlay:

Princess Anna of Arendelle has pigtail hairstyle for a long time. Now, she doesn’t satisfy her hair anymore. She wants to try a different hairstyle which makes her look modern and fresh. In Princess Anna of Arendelle at frivvvv, you are an owner of a famous hair salon where always welcomes well-known people. And today, your special guest is princess Anna. You are the only person who can give her a new gorgeous look. Much fun!

First of all, you start by combing your hair to release tangles and smoothen the look of her tresses. Then, you rinse her hair thoroughly with warm water on juego friv. After her hair is complete soaked, you apply shampoo. Gently massage shampoo into the roots of her hair and rinse her hair. Next, you use a right amount of conditioner which makes her hair more shine and smooth. You rinse her hair again with warm water and squeeze out the excess water. After that, let’s gently dry her hair with a soft towel. After Anna's hair is haft dried, it’s time to use a hair dryer to dry her hair completely. Let’s start the show!

Now, when everything is done, let’s design a new hairstyle for her. Princess Anna of Arendelle offers various hairstyle for you to choose from. Give her the greatest hairstyle that fits her the best. Then, dye her hair according to her favorite color. Your job is done here. Play tons of other games at http://friv3play.net/, such as Princess Eye Makeup. Enjoy!


Use your mouse to play this game.