Enjoy an awesome battle royale game in pixel graphics and have a great fighting moment with PUBL PIXEL - an impressive blocky version of famous Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. Choose your favorite blocky character among Solider, Farmer, Salaryman, Police and put a cool name, now, you are ready to join the battle. You and other players parachute to an abandoned island. To get out of here, you must be the last survivor.

Each match includes up to 10 heroes and there is only one survival ticket. Who will be? You or one of your opponent? At http://friv3play.net/, after jumping out of the airplane, the battle stars. The hunting journey begins. You must look for a great place to cover. Looking around to search your enemies and shoot them as quick as you can before you get shot. You not only deal with other players but also the shrinking zone on game friv 3. The map shrinks over time to force all of the players to gather in a small area. At the moment, you can hide or wait for your enemies appear but directly face to face them.

It’s time to decide who is the winner. A full round is about 10 minutes. You have to survive until the match ends. If you die in the 9th minute, every effort you tried before was shattered. So, keep staying focused and be careful, watch out all directions to kill those who suddenly appear. Watch your back, too. Your abilities, skills, strategies, wit, and wisdom will be tested. Good luck, brave warrior! Challenge your shooting and survival skills in other games like Mr.bullet and Apocalypse World

Instructions: C to crouch, WASD/Arrows to move, Space to jump, left click to shoot.

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