Retro Car Xtreme GamePlay:

Addicting gameplay, simple but nice graphics and unique top-down view with retro racing style, Retro Car Xtreme will meet your need of speed and bring you hours of joy. There are 2 game modes for you to choose from at http://friv3play.net/. You can play solo with 1 player mode or join this amazing adventure with your friends by entering 2 player mode.

Each mode offers 6 different race tracks. You have to be the winner in the current race track to unlock the new one. You must be the one who reaches the finish line first. Use power-ups that you collect during the race at the right time to struggle against other racers on friv 3 games. These racers are great and it’s easy to beat them. Don’t worry if you fail several times. Losing is also a way to improve your skill.

You can take advantage of the power-ups and the moment you pass the curve of the race track to overtake your opponent but you have to act quickly and accurately. Look at the leaderboard to find your current ranking and plan a wise strategy to raise your rank before it’s too late. Challenge yourself in 2 difficulty levels.

However, you should start the game with normal mode first. Hard mode is for those who are extremely great. Make sure you horn your racing skills enough to conquer that mode. Enjoy more racing games such as Truck Parking and Fire Truck Crazy Race

How to play: Player 1: Use WASD to move and T to use power-ups. Player 2: Use arrow keys to move and P to use power-ups.

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