Save the Dummy GamePlay:

Save the Dummy game is in the category of Puzzle Games and you can play this free game at Friv3 games. You need to get this dummy out of here and save it! You can move the red blocks, but the blue ones are solid and cannot be moved. With each level, the objective changes. Sometimes you need to send him down, sometimes up. Have fun!

Let's put your creativity and drawing skill to a test to save the little Dummy! You will require your skills and concentration power to solve the puzzles and save the Stickman. Only the fastest, the quickest, the most intelligent can be the winners With many fully animated scenarios that are filled with love, drama and epicness; you can’t help falling in love with this fast.

You can try:Build Dance Bot or Idle Miner.

Instruction to play: 

PC controls: Use the mouse to draw

Mobile Controls: Touch the screen to draw

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