Shark Attack GamePlay:

Have you ever had the chance to explore the ocean and marine life? Great! All you need is to jump into Shark Attack - An interesting journey of a shark and turn your dream into reality at Friv 3 Online. What is your mission in this exciting game? Here you will become a white shark and your aim is to attack everything on the sea. You will eat anything you see such as fish, birds and even humans.

Besides, you have to destroy all human ships and make them sink under the ocean because they are trying to kill you in any way in this battle at Friv games. There are many types of sea creatures you can eat such as seahorses, crabs, sea turtles, octopus, snails and humans. Control your shark moving constantly on the screen and eat whatever it sees.

In addition, in Friv games of 2018, you must avoid dangerous bombs that fall from the sky down unexpectedly. These bombs can destroy and turn you into an underwater victim. Also, you need to pay attention to some indicators on the screen such as health, air, hunger and recharge when they run out. Adding more choice for you in this game genre such as Baby Fishing at Friv3play.net. Good luck!

Controls: Use your left mouse to control the shark, left click to use your boots in the game.