Spongebob Shave Time GamePlay:

If you are here now, I bet that you found an interesting game named Spongebob Shave Time. Let’s me introduce you more in case you haven’t started yet. It has a simple but interesting gameplay that everyone can enjoy it, even kids. This Friv 3 onlinegames is about Spongebob who has an important interview today, but he hasn’t shaved for a long time. Now, he looks really bad.

Your mission is to help him bring his good-looking appearance back and choose a perfect outfit for him so that he will have a successful interview. First of all, you use a scissor to cut his beard. Then, you wash his hair pre-shave and apply shaving cream liberally over his face. After that, you use a razor to shave in the proper direction. Don’t forget to remove worms on his face and bandage open wound.

Now, he looks perfect. It’s time to pick a suitable outfit for the important event that he’s going to join this afternoon. Because it’s an interview, a suit is the best choice. Let’s open his cabinet and pick the one that you consider it’s the most suitable outfit for him. Besides, don’t forget to pick a perfect pair of shoes. 

Thanks to your efforts, he is ready to take one step to his new job. Wish him luck! If you are looking for more games to play in your free time, let’s check out some great choices at http://friv3play.net/, such as Spongebob Restaurant


You play this game with your mouse.

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