Squid Game Bullet 2D GamePlay:

Мr Вullets is complex puzzle gameplay to trigger your mind, where you package exercises your excellent precision by exceptionally shooting your opponents on your method to come to be a hero, a detective, and also a legend! In this unique puzzle game, you will need to utilize your brain and be strategic-oriented. You will go to brand-new areas while serving to save hostages, using different weapons, similar to grenade launchers to fight your adversaries. 

The unlucky participants in the Squid game will get a 2D rematch in the Squid Game Bullet. They will have the opportunity to take revenge on the guards in red overalls with closed faces for all the humiliation and threats that came from the villains during the tests. You will help the hero in the green suit to destroy all the guards with more accurate shots. His weapon has special properties, you can destroy multiple targets on the same line with one bullet at a time. 

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Control: Use mouse to shoot.