Stone Age Racing GamePlay:

Stone Age Racing is an extremely interesting side-scrolling prehistoric car racing game which features high quality graphics and music on Friv 3 Online. In the game, you will find yourself in an ancient time when “hoomans” had just been developed.

However, instead of painting in the caverns, they made super crazy cars to get ready for a competition with Friv 3 2017. Your mission is to choose a car of your favorite, steer it through different tracks like deserts and mountains, beat other players with your weapons like explosive pigs and TNT turtles and collect pick-ups to upgrade your car.

Can you win the race? Good luck! Don’t forget to play more with Training race on Friv3play.net 

How to play: Use the Up arrow key or W key to accelerate, LEFT/RIGHT arrow key or AD key to balance the car and SPACE BAR to use Nitro boost.