4 Pic 1 Word GamePlay:

4 Pic 1 Word is an interesting puzzle game which thousands of the players love to play and experience around the world at free frive games online. This game will challenge your intelligence and skills in complex puzzles that require the player to observe and logical thinking in each image. This task is quite difficult, right?

However, the advantage for you is that you will not have time limits, so you do not need to give quick answers; instead, you need to think carefully and give the correct answers at Friv 3 school. What is your mission in this game? All you need to do is to solve the puzzles in each level by observing 4 pictures on the screen. Keep your mind to observe carefully and find the same in four pictures and describe them by one word.

On the screen, you will see a box limit and your goal is to sort the available letters below the box and place them in the correct position to create an exact word. However, finding the same thing is quite difficult because each picture speaks of a different theme. Try it now!

Therefore, you should not ignore the small details in order to find the greatest common point of 4 paintings in Games for kids friv. Are you ready to challenge your intelligence with some other puzzle games? Check out Word Cookies Online: Farm Life on http://friv3play.net/

How to play?

Click with the mouse to interact with the game.