Word Connect Online GamePlay:

With the cute eggs in the straw at a lovely farm, you can play this Word Connect Online puzzle game regardless of advertising or slow loading because www.friv.com 2 game will help you conquer the game in the fastest way. You can select the Story or Challenge to play each level with the different words. There are many eggs that are not hatched and you need to find the right keywords to help the eggs can hatch into chicks. The chicks will be very happy.

The longer your word is, the higher you will score. So make the high level of scores, you will win the game and make all eggs hatch into chicks. Love this Word Connect Online puzzle game at http://friv3play.net/, you also can play some amazing puzzle games such as Word Puzzle

Discover the mystery hidden words and you will addict this puzzle game online. Are you ready to click the first level with a little egg? Later you have to finish more eggs and create the new words. The eggs will very happy with smart players. You have changed to become a farmer right now. 

Take a look at this game and have more fun. Open our on your computer, phone or tablet, you will enjoy the excitement of classic word game!


Use your left mouse to pull the eggs on the shelf and finish the main words.