Fruit Ninja Online GamePlay:

Cutting fruit is not too hard, but what about cutting tons of fruits as a ninja? Fruit Ninja Online is a simple but addicting game that makes you keep playing for hours. Well, thanks to this amazing Friv games 2018, you can relieve stress after a hard-working day or you can think of people you hate and imagine those fruits as them, then cut them into thousands of pieces. By the way, just keep it in your head, don’t speak out loud. Your main mission is to cut fruits that pop up on the screen while avoiding bombs.

This game offers 3 modes for you to choose from and you have 3 lives in each mode. You will lose a life when you miss a fruit or slice a bomb. When your lives run out, the game is over. You have to start from the beginning. In this Friv game, each fruit has the same score. So, if you cut one by one the fruits, you can’t get the high score in the shortest time. A useful method that you should use is to slice two or more fruits in a single time. Try other action games at http://friv3play.net/action

This will give you combo points. Don’t drop any fruits and avoid bombs. Let’s conquer Fruit Ninja Online with the highest score. Explore more fun games at Friv3play.net , such as Katana Fruits. Enjoy!

Instructions: Use the mouse to play on PC and wipe on touched-devices.