Roll The Ball Online GamePlay:

Roll The Ball Online is one of the best puzzle games brought to you by Friv 3 Online Games. You can enjoy it for free whenever you like on the PC or smartphone and tablet. Playing this interesting game not only helps you reduce stress but also improves your problem-solving skills. The rule of it is simple. You just need to make sure that the ball will reach the goal successfully with all 3 stars.

In order to do that, you move the blocks on the board to make a path to help the ball roll to the red goal block. Remember that you can only move the wooden blocks. The blue blocks and red block can’t be moved with Friv games 3. So let’s think carefully and change the position of the blocks wisely. There is no limited move or limited time, so you feel free to spend as much time as you want and use as many moves as you need. Roll The Ball Online offers in a total of 24 levels for you to conquer. At Friv game, each level is a puzzle that you have to solve.

You will find some levels at very beginning easy. But the difficulty increases significantly over time. So, let’s test your problem-solving skill at here by completing every level in the shortest time. Don’t forget to have a look at Friv3play.net and try out 2048 game. Enjoy!

Controls: Use your mouse play on PC and wipe on smartphone and tablet.