Angry Skulls GamePlay:

Look at its name, do you feel similar? Inspired by Angry Birds, Angry Skulls bring you familiar and unique gaming experience. You won’t launch angry birds to defeat hordes of bad piggies anymore, but use skulls to make your enemies inearth in the ruins. Are you ready to fight? Zombies are everywhere.

They hunt for survivors and they won’t disappear if no one stands up and beat them. It’s your turn to show off and become the hero of everyone in the land. Let’s defeat zombies at all cost. This friv free game requires high accuracy. You must adjust your strength and angle in order to make the skulls fall right on the enemies standing on their base. You have a certain number of skulls to use at each level. And like other level-based games, to unlock the next stage, you must complete the current stage. Use a few skulls to earn 3 stars on every level with 2 levels of difficulty on http://friv3play.net/. Each mode has a total of 12 levels.

Different from Angry Birds, this game doesn’t offer various types of skulls. It has only one type. Besides, the easy mode gives you aiming feature while the hard one doesn’t. You must calculate the distance and estimate the strength as well as the angle of the shot by yourself. Your enemies are zombies. They stay in their base built by stone and glass. If they cover behind the stone walls, you will have to spend many skulls to break them. But you will find it easy to break the glass walls and kill zombies. Enjoy this game and find more fun in other games such as Pixel Warfare One and Kill The Guy

Controls: Adjust your strength and angle by using your left mouse.

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