Kill The Guy GamePlay:

Simple but hard to master, Kill The Guy requires high accuracy. It is a fun and addicting turn-based shooting game in which you have to kill hordes of enemies to free your hometown, one each time. This is different from other shooting games that you have played. You don’t move around the battlefield, cover and shoot the real opponents. You don’t enjoy the game in high-quality graphics or detailed characters and weapons.

Here at http://friv3play.net/, you enter the cartoon world and your cute hero move forward automatically. All you need to do is to time your shoot perfectly. The game offers 25 missions as 25 levels. In each mission, you have to kill a certain number of enemies. Your enemies stand on towers with different heights and you stand on the ground. You face one opponent each time. You must aim and shoot accurately to defeat them. Adjusting the angle of the shoot is the key to victory on Friv 3 play

You must shoot your opponent down in your turn. If you miss, you give him a chance to kill you. If you miss, you die. If you miss, you have to restart that current level. So, slowly and accurately adjust the angle of your shoot. You shoot at the enemy’s head to get power shots which give you extra points and coins. You use coins to unlock new characters with new guns. Each hero owns a unique gun with a special ability. Unlock them all and discover and choose the option you like.

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How to play: Press and hold your left click to shoot your enemies.

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