Zoo Run GamePlay:

Zoo Run is a stunning game addicting endless runner game that is different from the other one. You don’t run in the ground but in the land floating in the air. How exciting is that? Gorgeous blocky graphics and attractive gameplay, this game will give you a dream journey that you have never had before at http://friv3play.net/

Run as far as you can and collect as many coins as possible is your objective in this game. It seems like the panda doesn’t run but the road is automatically moving. The part of the road that you pass will break and the front part will be auto-created. This brings a cool effect. If you focus too long in this effect, you may feel dizzy. At that moment, you will find it hard to recognize the obstacles and the safe road on friv 2019 online

The world in this game is built by tons of blocks and the obstacles are also blocky. You have to observe carefully to jump over them to keep your panda safe. The game doesn’t include reward and checkpoint system, so if you crash into obstacles or jump in the spikes, the game is over and you have to play again from the beginning. There are many cute animals for you to choose from such as a sheep, a dog, a monkey, a king kong or a duck.

Choose your favorite animal without paying any money or completing any missions. They are for free. How long can you go? Have a great time here and in other games such as Talking Tom Diamond Hunt and Subway Surf Halloween

How to play: Use your left click to make your character jump over the obstacles.

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