Giant Hamster Run GamePlay:

Giant Hamster Run is an endless running game which is very fun and interesting as well as challenging. At here, you play as a giant hamster who loves cookies like crazy. Firstly, you are a tiny hamster, but you turned into a giant one. Everything seems to be so small comparing to you. So fun! Your goal at this exciting Friv 3 game is to collect all the cookies in the town in order to turn into an incredible ball.

It's great, isn't it? Along the way, you not only try your best to collect various cookies but also get as many gold coins as possible and avoid every barrier at the same time. You can use coins to buy some equipment such as skateboard, roller-skates, rocket, flying carpet and hoverboard. These things are really useful so you should make use of them in your journey. This Friv 3 kids game is an endless running game, so you can’t stop but turn left, turn right, jump over and slide under the barriers.

Flexibly move to save your life. By the way, you have 3 lives. After your lives run out, the game ends. Giant Hamster Run has beautiful graphics with a cute character which is a chubby hamster. It suits all ages. This game not only brings you joy but also tests your reaction and hand speed. Have fun! If you are looking for more related games, try out Hop Don't Stop at http://friv3play.net/

How to play:

Use up arrow key to jump over the barriers

Press left arrow key to turn left and right arrow key to turn right, down arrow key to slide under the obstacles.