Run Sausage Run GamePlay:

After watching many sausage friends being put in the pan and become the meal for some empty stomachs in the kitchen, Sausage plans to escape from this horrible place. However, he can not succeed without your help. Run Sausage Run is a great online endless runner game that you must try. In this Friv3 games, you play as a basic sausage and start your adventure.

Your mission is to run and dodge every obstacle along the way such as knives, burners, whirling blades, smashing tenderizers and so on. If you touch these things, your life ends. Guiding this sausage through a series of dangers is not an easy task. If you run too fast or too slow, if you are too high or too low, you will meet an unhappy ending. It can say that everything depends on your acumen. You need to know the right time to accelerate and the right time to slow down. Along the way, you also collect coins to buy new skins, then you will appear with a different look. There are various skins for you to choose from.

Besides, to help your journey easier, the game features power-ups such as snowflakes freeze every deadly trap, shields protect you against these dangerous things and more with Friv games 2018. You may find it easy at the beginning, however, as the game processes, more and more unexpecting obstacles are waiting for you in the front. So, you need to focus and act fast. Run Sausage Run is really addicting and fun.

With its enjoyable gameplay, cute characters and adorable graphics, you will have hours of joy at here. Play more games at http://friv3play.net/ after conquering this one. Some awesome choices for you are Whack the Trump!

How to play:

Left click to control your little sausage.