Stickyman Run GamePlay:

Stickyman Run game is built with the stickman who wants to escape the dark tunnel basement and finish his runway. Friv 3 school choose this game for passionate runners and love stickman characters. There are different paths to the challenge that you need to help the main character pass over by moving skillfully in the tunnel. Many obstacles are placed side by side and you can see the hearts flying in the tunnel.

You need to collect those hearts and avoid the obstacles to get the highest score. http://friv3play.net/ has other run games to play such as Black 4. Have fun to explore and choose the most fun game for your challenge right now. Stickyman Run is an exciting running game for players who are passionate about exploring and conquering difficult challenges on the track.

When playing this game, you do not have to worry about the ability to complete your run. There are different levels and you can easily continue the game without worrying about the speed of game loading or advertising. Fight with your friends and see who wins with the highest score of this running game.

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Using the left mouse to move the stickman on the road. Do not click early if you see obstacles ahead.