Hop Don't Stop GamePlay:

If you have played the famous game Temple Run, then you will get used to Hop Don’t Stop! very quickly. It is also about the endless racing track. However, instead of controlling a muscular man, you play as a bunny and you run continuously without stopping because if you stop, you will lose. It’s an addicting skill play Games friv in which you have to dash through the forest, run and jump across huge gaps and avoid many other deadly traps.

However, this game is also full of diamond, power-ups that you should collect as many as possible to upgrade your skills as well as enhance your speed. Keep in mind that you can’t stop and there are many obstacles that appear suddenly, so you have to use your fast reaction to hop across those things. Hop Don’t Stop! brings you to a colorful world in the jungle full of flowers and beautiful things.

You will love it for sure. The important thing is that you must always keep your eyes opening because you're easy to hit the rocks in front of you. Be careful and stay focused! Keep hopping and balancing. Collect gems to upgrade and become better, faster and luckier. Have a great time with this awesome game! After that, don’t forget to explore more games at http://friv3play.net/, such as Swift Ninja


Use the arrow keys to control this cute bunny.

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