Space Hoops GamePlay:

Space Hoops likes a space version of basketball which is fun, interesting and challenging at the same time. In the original basketball, you play in teams. 2 teams compete against each other to get the ball and score to win. It combines between attack and defense. Things are different in this space basketball game. You play with a hoop and 7 balls. You compete with no one but you and the time at http://friv3play.net/

Your main objective is to get as many scores as possible. You have 1 minute and 50 seconds to get the highest score. There is no reward system in the game, so you don’t need to get 3 stars or collect gems to unlock something. Everything is available on friv 2019 online. To start the game, you can choose your favorite ball from 7 balls including Normal ball - normal but some says it’s the best, Small ball - less bouncy, Fast ball - bounces a lot more and gives extra points, Multi ball - each bonus is multi ball, Sniper ball - it’s nearly impossible to miss with this ball, Jumping ball - you can make this ball jump when it’s in the air and Split ball - each bonus is split ball.

Each ball has its own strength and weakness. You should try 7 balls, then choose the one suit your playstyle the best. After that, you adjust the strength and angle to throw the ball into the hoop. The position of the ball and the hoop is different each time, so let’s observe carefully before throwing. Have fun! More games related to this one are available. Fire Dragon Adventure and Mirror Dash are two of the best that you should play first.

How to play: Throw the ball into the hoop by using your left mouse.

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