Mirror Dash GamePlay:

Everyone love traveling, love going to a new place and discover new things. What about you? Have you ever traveled to Japan, Egypt, Italia, Britain, and France? If you haven’t had a chance yet, then Mirror Dash will give you an opportunity to go traveling to these famous cities. Are you ready for a new adventure? This is an arcade mobile game with enjoyable and challenging gameplay.

At http://friv3play.net/, the game world consists of 2 sides as 2 mirrored environments where play can switch between them. You either jump over the obstacles or teleport to the opposed environment. Sometimes, you may feel overwhelmed due to its control mechanism because it tests your reactive ability. It’s an awesome choice for players who want to challenge their skills and kill their time. The rule is simple. Your blocky character runs automatically at high speed and you must help it jump over the obstacles or dodge them by switching to another world.

You can start from this city to that city on friv 3. The completion percentage will be displayed so you can know about your remaining distance. Simple to play but hard to master, you can find yourself fail several times and can’t go far. By replaying, your skill will be improved and you will get used to the moving speed of your character as well as the types of obstacles. Go to the end of the adventure in each city and have a great traveling time here. Be safe and good luck! Many available games welcome you on our site will different gameplay and experience. You should check out Crazy Alien Dog and Ultraman Planet Adventure

Controls: Use your left mouse to jump over the obstacles and right mouse to switch to another world.

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