Geometry Dash GamePlay:

Geometry Dash is an attractive and addictive jumping game for all ages at friv games 3. The highlight of this game is speed on the race track. I bet that you haven’t played any game with fast speed like this game. If you don’t believe my word, you can play and give some comments about it at frivgames.

This game not only requires the player to have the fast response, but also has the ability to observe along the way. You can imagine that you do not have time to think anything over jumping and jumping at high speed. Keep your eyes to observe carefully and jump through all dangerous obstacles and deadly traps on the race track. Find other games at http://friv3play.net/

Note that, the distance between the obstacles is extremely short, so you have to jump continuously at a high speed. Moreover, you need to jump at the right time to avoid being destroyed by the challenges on the way. In this exciting game, you only have a single life, so be more careful with every move and get the highest score in the game.

In particular, at higher levels, the level of difficulty will be increased significantly with the high density of obstacles. More fun and more experiences are waiting for you at friv 3 free games. Conquer it right away!

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How to play?

Use your left mouse to play or tap directly on the touch devices.

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