Impossible Lite Dash GamePlay:

Imagine you are a square smiley face moving on the road nonstop. However, there are yellow triangular blocks on the road that prevent your journey. And you need to move to new positions on the left and right to avoid them. That is your mission in this Impossible Lite Dash online game at Friv 3 games for kids. Of course, you will easily be traveling at the beginning. Then you need to be clever to avoid tripping the triangles and ending the game.

The triangular blocks make the zigzag cause you to move constantly. And more specifically, we - Friv free games give you tips on playing this Impossible Lite Dash game. The red triangles will change positions as you approach them, so be sure to press the scroll key quickly before you hit the obstacle. There are many triangles along the way. You need to practice and get used to staying away from them.

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Use your left mouse button to move left or right and stay away from the triangles as quickly as possible.