Crazy Alien Dog GamePlay:

An evil poacher from unknown planet captured all animals in the jungle and locked them in cages. He wants to transfer these animals to his planet. You can’t let his plan success. Play as Crazy Dog who has a superpower, you will stop his plan and defeat him to rescue all trapped animals.

Welcome to Crazy Alien Dog - a fun platform game that you can play for free at http://friv3play.net/. Like other platform adventure games, you dodge all obstacles and avoid all alien’s attack, touch the animals in the cages to rescue them. On friv online, you just have only one life, so you must be careful to keep your life safe. However, you can use some power-ups that the game offers to make your adventure much easier such as a magnet to collect all stars along the way, open your umbrella to fly over the dangers, or boost to speed up.

Use them wisely to go as far and rescue as many animals as you can because some of the power-ups are limited. If they run out, you don’t have any support. With the stars that you have collected, you can use them to buy some useful items like a rocket, buffalo, gorilla or clothing to customize your character. The fate of all animals in the jungle are on your hands. Let’s fight and beat evil alien and force him to turn back his planet without carrying with any animals. Have fun! Explore more games with different gameplay such as Ultraman Planet Adventure and Drag'n'boom Online


Press Space and Up arrow to jump, hold Space and Up arrow to keep umbrella open, press Right arrow to boost, press Down Arrow to jump down.

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