Tower Defense Alien War1 GamePlay:

An army is coming to the world. They start invading the world starting from your city. You are only one who can defeat them. To prevent this invasion, you need to defend your base. This means you must kill all evil robots before they destroy your base. Tower Defense Alien War at Friv3 action games is an interesting tower defense strategy game in which you have to protect your base with your upgradable guns and other powerful weapons. The game offers various levels to test your wit and strategy skills.

In each level, an army of evil robots approaches you from the right. When they appear, you quickly lock the target and shoot down all of them before they harm your base. If your health drops to zero, you lose. As the game processes, more weapons will be unlocked on http://friv3play.net/. For example, you can use missiles to create a rain of dangerous missiles. Kill your enemies to earn money increase the fire rate. New powerful enemies will appear. You will find it hard to defeat them because they are equipped with modern and powerful weapons.

Besides, you can use your money to upgrade the stats of your weapons to enhance the strength. By doing that, you can win over your opponent easier. Shoot down all evil robots and keep the peace for your city as well as the world. If they occupied your city, they will rule the whole world. Don’t let it happen. Play hard, try hard and have fun! Other lands in other games also need your help. Check out Ultimate Monster Runner and Toon Off.

How to play: You aim by using your mouse and shoot by clicking your left mouse button.

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