Crazy Jump GamePlay:

Crazy Jump is an interesting and high competitive multiplayer game which is filled with many players come from all over the world. You are one of them and everyone comes to this battle aiming to become the last man standing. It’s not a battle royale game where you use weapons to kill each other. Here at http://friv3play.net/, you use your powerful jumps to push your opponents off the stage. It’s really challenging because other players are strong and skillful. It’s ok to lose some matches because your skill will improve through losing.

You also get used to the gameplay and know some tricks from the previous matches. The rule is simple, just jump and jump more to push your enemies of the stage with your pushing force. When you kill someone, you will grow bigger. The bigger you are, the strong you will be on friv 3. One important thing you should keep in mind that, never go to the edge of the stage. It’s dangerous areas. Your opponent will take the chance to kill you immediately. Move to the center of the stage.

Besides, the parts of the land will fall down, don’t stand in those parts too. Try to win to get rewards as money. You can use the money to unlock more characters in the store. They’re much cooler and stronger. You will love them at first sight. Good luck and fight hard to become the strongest one. You can find your favorite game in our game collection. Some of the best choices for you are Knifez .io and MooMoo .io

How to play: Click to jump.

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