Knifez .io GamePlay:

You use a knife to cut food, so you can eat easier but everything is different in Knifez .io. You move around the map to eat food and use knives to kill other players who are trying to kill you. Simple to play but hard to survive, this game requires you to react and take action as fast as you can.

Just for a second, you will find yourself be eliminated. Here at http://friv3play.net/, you enter a battlefield full of other players. They throw their knife on you. You must dodge and try to throw your knife at them to defeat them before being killed. In the beginning, it’s better to move to the edge of the map. Not many players gather there, so you can spend your time eating multicolored dots to grow up while keeping your life safe.

On Friv 3, as you grow up, you can equip your self with more knives and have more health. This is important to survive until the end of the game. Collect as much food as you can to gain advantages. Interestingly, the game offers 3 modes including FFA, Teams, and Tag. Choose the mode you want to play first. You should try all 3 modes because they’re all great. When you kill a player, you can collect what he leaves behind to grow big faster. It’s represented by stars and it’s more precious than multicolored dots. Show off your skills and become the brutal king of the battle. Good luck!

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Instructions: Use your mouse to move and left click to throw knives.

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